Free Baby Shower Invitations

Warning: Creating your own baby shower invitations can be hazardous to your health

I say that half jokingly, but let me share a little story with you to show you what I mean.

After the story, I’ll give you some great tips about creating your own baby shower invitations, which I learnt the hard way from trial and error.

I wanted to pull my hair out…

The first time I planned a baby shower, I was on a tight budget, but I realized how important the invitations were, so I wanted them to be perfect. After all, the invitations create the first impression of the party. And let’s face it, if they’re boring or ugly, the invited guests will subconsciously start off with a bad taste in their mouth.

Admittedly, I’m not a very artistic person, so my first experience trying to create my own baby shower invitations from scratch using free images and card templates I found on the Internet almost caused me to pull my hair out! It took so much time and energy that it almost drove me crazy.

And the printing. Don’t even get me started on that!

I designed a folding card with words on the inside, so I had to run the card through my inkjet printer twice – once for the front of the card and once for the inside. I kept putting them in the wrong way and printing the words upside down! Yeah…I’m spatially challenged 🙂

What a waste of money and paper it was. My printer also struggled with the thickness of the card stock. A couple of times, the paper got stuck and it kept printing over and over on the same line. What a disaster! Let’s just say that my printing adventure caused me to blow my budget.

Anyway, the invitations turned out quite nice, and my girlfriend was pleased, but it was not an experience I care to repeat ever again. I’ve thrown many parties since (my friends call me the “Baby Shower Queen” now) and now I find it easy and stress-free (actually fun!) to create invitations but it took lots of trial and error and research online.

If you want to avoid the same sort of catastrophe and just want to get going, here is a fabulous site that I find to be tremendously helpful. I always get my cards here. – I just love this site. It has so many beautiful cards, I often lose myself while I’m there! Lots and lots of fabulous choices. Prices range from inexpensive to expensive. You can get blank cards if you want to create your own design or print the cards by yourself, as well as pre-printed cards.

You can also personalize your card by changing the wording, the type style and ink color. There’s even a neat little feature to help you with the wording on the card. Once you’ve personalized the card, you can preview what it will look like. Very cool!

How to create your own shower invitations
only for the brave of heart

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is decide whether you want a flat card or a folding card.

I highly recommend you choose a flat card because if you’re planning on doing the printing yourself, they are much easier to deal with.

2. The next thing you want to decide what kind of paper to use for the cards. For example, you can use standard photocard paper or cardstock.

I recommend using a medium to heavy weight card stock, about 65-104 Ib. This is important because if the paper is too thin, the card will feel cheap and flimsy, which will create a bad impression (if only subconsciously).

Important! Remember that the thicker the paper, the harder it will be for your printer to handle. Make sure your printer is compatible with the paper before you buy!

One example of blank cards is “Personal Creations Ink Jet Greeting Cards” (by Avery). You should be able to get them at your local office supply or stationery store.

Another alternative is at Click on “BABY” at the top, then select “Price” in the drop down menu on the right. There you’ll see several choices for a whole set of blank cards with envelopes in pretty colors.

3. Once you’ve bought some cardstock, you’ll want to set up Microsoft Word or whichever word processing software you use to design your card.

Create a template that is the same size as the cardstock. Click on File > Page Setup > Page tab, and then choose the size from the Paper Size drop-down menu.

4. If you want to add a background image or various images, you can get some free clipart directly from MS Word by choosing the Insert menu > Picture > Clip Art One thing about the MS Word clip art is it looks kind of cheesy to be honest.

You can also insert a photograph of the expecting mother on the card. You’ll just need a digital photo of her to do that. Insert menu > Picture > From File …

A site I highly recommend for clipart is

If you want to write a message over the picture or image, right-click on the image > Format Picture… > Layout tab > Behind text.

You can then write your message on top of the image.

5. Now it’s time to add text to your card. Try different fonts to see which one suits your card the best. I like the brush scripts the best, but it depends on what looks best for your card.

6. The last step is to print the cards. If you’re printing them yourself, I suggest doing a test run on regular paper first so you don’t waste the special paper for the cards, which can be expensive.

Make sure you’re totally happy with the way everything looks before doing the actual printing.

When you’re happy with everything, print only one card with the thick cardstock to begin with just to make sure you’re printer can handle the paper properly.

If that one goes perfect, then you’re ready to print the entire batch!

An alternative to consider for printing is taking your MS Word file to your local print shop for printing. The quality will be excellent…but it will be costly.

Another possibility is to use an online printing shop like All you do is upload your design (you’ll need to convert your MS Word file into Adobe PDF format), and they’ll print your cards for you and send them to you.As you’ve heard a million times before, nothing in life is free. While it’s nice to use your creativity and artistic ability to create the cards yourself, and your girlfriend will surely appreciate your effort, quality blank cards, printer ink and envelopes will actually end up costing about the same as personalized pre-designed cards.

Also, don’t forget your time (and sanity 🙂 ).

Be prepared to spend lots of time designing your own cards if you’re doing it for the first time. From my experience, you’ll get the best and quickest results from an online card company where you can personalize the cards the way you want.

Click here for the best one I’ve found so far.


Recommendation Number One:

Vistaprint has a number of free offers, free cards and so on. You can find free cards here

Easy and Time Saving


Recommendation Number Two:

Baby Shower Cards

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Life and Love

Wonderful Cakes Make for Wonderful Parties

Baby Shower Cakes

Want to make beautiful cakes, or are you busy being a hostess planning the Baby Showers? Well, I found this is great book on
Cake Decorating For Dummies, the best I have seen! It is so well written with easy to understand ideas for really cute, unique baby shower cakes!

There are themes with ideas on how to carry the theme through the invitations to the decorations and food. It inspires you to think beyond the traditional Baby Shower with great ideas and useful tips. You’ll have as much fun decorating the Cake as your guests will have enjoying it!

I gave a baby shower for my best friend, using a combination of ideas gathered from this book, and everyone raved! I have recommended this book to others who want to give a great baby shower cake for someone!!
This fun, instructive guide gives you simple techniques for creating cakes.

…a bit more about Baby Shower Cakes

There expert advice in all the basics, from baking to icing to decorating with style. You’ll also find delicious foolproof recipes, great ideas for themed cakes, and savvy tips for starting a cake decorating business!

Happy Baby Shower Cakes!

Baby Shower Cakes

More About The Most Popular Baby Strollers

Does shopping for baby strollers have you flummoxed? There are lots of different features to choose from like reclining seats, lighter designs, travel systems that include baby seats, etc. There are just so many different baby strollers out there and it takes work to find the one that fits best into your family’s lifestyle and into your budget. To make things easier for you, we are going to teach you some things that should help you pick out the right stroller.

The Graco Spree Travel System is a good choice if you’re looking for a travel system that combines a stroller with a baby car seat. This is a great buy for parents who spend a lot of time traveling by car. Folding the stroller with one hand is pretty easy once you’re home or getting into the vehicle.

The stroller is built with an adjustable reclining seat that you can adjust to several distinct and comfortable positions. The rear-facing car seat is suitable for babies of up to 22 pounds, while the stroller can fit children of up to 40 pounds. The Graco SungRide infant seat is rated very highly by many consumer publications, as well as by parents who use it.

For parents who want to buy a stroller that they can adjust to accommodate a growing baby, the European made Stokke Xplory Stroller is the best choice. The stroller is constructed from a combination of lightweight polymer and aluminum which makes it strong and light at the same time. It has a reclining seat that you can adjust into five different positions and is up higher than you will find on most of the other strollers that are out there. This means that your baby can be closer to you when you push the stroller (as well as further away from the ground). The primary benefit of this design is that the child is less vulnerable to the dust and debris that are found closer to the ground. Sure the Stokke Xplory Stroller is packed full of great features but it’s steeply priced at about a thousand dollars. The stroller can accommodate children up to forty five pounds which means that you ought to be able to get at least a few reliable years out of it.

When choosing a baby stroller, take note of the material it’s made from. In addition to helping figure out how durable the stroller is the materials also determine how much the stroller weighs. Metal is what makes strollers sturdy–and aluminum or steel are the most common choices. These are often going to be heavier, though… though there are a few modern lightweight aluminum strollers that do not weigh much at all. Plastic strollers are generally the lightest, but these may have to be replaced before your child outgrows the need for a stroller. Another thing that you should look at is adjustable handle height. This way every person who pushes the stroller is able to adjust the handles to be comfortable for their own height.

There are so many baby strollers out there to choose from and you can find the ones that cost fewer than a hundred dollars as well as some that cost more than a thousand. Price, of course, is only one factor and you also have to consider safety and convenience. Whether you choose one of the strollers we’ve covered in this article or another one, make sure it’s one that you and your baby will be happy with for at least a couple of years.<

Babies Toddler – Many Do Not Understand This Much

Your baby’s skin is quite vulnerable, so it’s wise for all parents to become knowledgeable about baby skin care. Depending on the location in which you live, some of the worst threats could be cold weather, wind or sun. Even if you don’t have adverse weather conditions you still need to clean and moisturize your son or daughter’s skin. As a parent it is important that you understand the following baby skin care tips.

Babies get rashes all of the time and most of the time they aren’t anything to worry yourself over. Diaper rash is the most common of these rashes and it is caused by wet diapers having direct contact with the baby’s skin for a long time. No matter how careful you are as a parent, there isn’t any way to absolutely avoid this rash all of the time. The most popular treatment for diaper rash is washing your baby off with warm water and giving his skin some time in the fresh air.

If the rash doesn’t get better or looks inflamed in any way, you should see a pediatrician as soon as possible. In most cases, though, diaper rash tends to go away all on its own.

Keep your baby’s clothing and bedding as clean as you can to keep as many skin problems as possible at bay. Before your baby’s skin touches anything, you need to wash it. You need a gentle detergent that doesn’t contain any dyes or fragrances. Harsh chemicals can cause irritations or allergic reactions, so these should be avoided. Keeping blankets, pillow covers and clothing clean helps to avoid problems such as dust mites and any dirt or debris that could cause problems. When you are washing baby things, don’t wash them with the rest of your laundry. These simple precautions can go a long way at helping to keep your baby’s skin in good condition.

Bathing your children excessively is a problem that many parents must overcome. Babies naturally have oils in their skin that are good for them. If you bathe them too much, it could upset this balance. You might have to deal with your baby having dry skin or eczema because you are bathing them too frequently. It is important to not give your baby more than two baths a week. Always try to keep them clean with a washcloth, bathing them frequently is not a good idea. And before you put them in the water for their bath, check the water temperature to make sure it is just right. Make sure that the bath is not hot, but almost lukewarm to the touch. Since a baby’s skin is very sensitive, it can burn easily, so make sure that the water is no more than just above room temperature when you bathe them.

There are some very basic skin care guidelines that parents can use to keep their babies both healthier and a lot more comfortable. In this article we’ve talked about some of the things you can do–you’ll find even more if you work with your pediatrician or do a little homework on your own. Babies let people know when they aren’t comfortable and that is why parents need to stay alert for signals a baby might be sending saying that something needs to be adjusted.

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