Baby Shower Cake Ideas

What could be more fun than creating a unique baby shower cake?

Here are some fun and easy ideas for baking baby shower cakes that are sure to be a hit with both the mother-to-be and her guests!

# 1) Carousel Cake: Exchange your plain cake separator with a carousel separator kit. The prancing ponies easily snap on to a regular kit to add some fun without any fuss.

# 2) Baby Blocks: Bake a rectangular or square cake and section it off into smaller squares and blocks.

Color each square a different color and pattern to make it look like a set of (maybe A-B-C?) blocks.

Or write a special message, some motherly advice, in each block. – That’s MY favorite idea!

What’s yours?

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Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are a brilliant center piece for any shower and they often are used to establish the theme of the whole party. They have a singular importance for most baby showers so you have to take the time to plan them properly.

You can certainly purchase a ready-made baby shower cake, a diaper cake, but there’s always something more personality about making your own cake, whether it’s with batter or without, as in this case. Check back and stay tuned-in for my recommendation:o)

Your Baby Shower Cake

Your Baby Shower Cake; Creating Unique Experiences and Memories with Your Ideas

Let’s get creative with your baby shower cake… your very own home made cake or from your local bakery. If you’d like to save some money and blow the roof off your baby shower you can do it with your creatively… it all starts with your will and your imagination.

Picture this; put yourself at your party and imagine the faces of your friends and family…

See them Happy, delighted and beside themselves with joy from the experience of your amazing baby shower and your terrific cake. Now ask yourself; “How did I do it”? Yes, this is an exercise. AND it has real power. You can tap into pure creativity and the answer you’re about to get can be very useful. This is real.

Now, let’s think about the cake recipes for a second and in the back of your mind think about the theme of your shower, of your cake plus the presentation of your cake and food and your decorations.

Good cake recipes (and ideas) are worth their weight in gold, with little focus and your time you get to discover the very best ones. Look for cookbooks at your library, book store, yard sales and then do a web search, ask around AND something will surely spark your mind.

You may use baby ornaments, baby stuff and baby toys as your cake decorations, such as umbrellas, pacifiers, bottles, little knick knacks and baby dolls.

Pick a traditional chocolate cake, yellow cake or a carrot cake. Or think about orange-chocolate, almond or mocha cake served with delicious vanilla filling or butter cream frosting.

Match your cake decorations with the theme of your baby shower.

Use a tiny stuffed bear to decorate your cake and use Teddy Bear shaped candles on your cake.

Be creative Engage your mind and…
Make Fun with Baby Shower Cake

Hide a tiny plastic baby somewhere in the cake’s frosting – be sure to let guests know someone has it in their piece of cake so they don’t eat it! The guest who finds the little baby wins a prize and make it special , very special:o)

Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes – Sweets for your Baby Shower party

Baby showers are special parties and deserve the most festive of arrangements.
After all, this is a call for a new birth, a new life. Your new baby :o) is coming! Hurrah, bravo and congratulations!

Good baby showers have a most amazing cake and other yummy things to munch on or your can even serve a full meal.

The theme of your baby shower, must be kept foremost in your mind while making all your plans. Delightful to look at and amazingly delicious to eat, baby shower cakes are best when chosen per the taste and preferences for the mom-to-be.

To clear up one point ‘baby shower cakes’ are very -very different from ‘diaper cakes’. While the former is just like most any other cake, with special icing, made decorative and attractive, and special flavor to suit the tastes of the new mom, the ‘diaper cake’ is simply a baby basket which is filled with baby stuff, much of it is make from diapers, very cute.

The diaper cake is decorated or made with diapers, and an assortment of items for the new born baby. Diaper cakes can also be done up with real baby diapers arranged in innovative layers to attractive presentation, and if possible they can be wrapped in a cellophane with bright ribbons and bows to hold it together.

Baby shower cakes can be made at home or be bought from a local store or even on the internet depending on your ability, your available time and your preferences.
Home made baby shower cakes differ from grocery store cakes a little or a lot.

While there may be no basic difference in the ingredients, your cake presentation may be varied according to occasion, your mood, your needs, your flair to be creative while deciding upon icing, color, shape, etc. and actual presentation.

Your choice on presentation is key no matter what; homemade or a purchased cake. Several cake molds are available by which the cake can take shape of popular cartoon characters, making it suitable to be presented at a baby shower party and become the center of the guest’s attention.

Baby shower cakes bought off a supermarket shelf or bakery, though may lack that personal touch of your homemade cake, is certainly a more convenient and an easy option. Bakers or cake makers also take special orders for cakes that need to be custom made or look for a caterer in your area who knows how-to bake a cake right.

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