Magical Baby Shower Poems

“Poems are the words of our angels speaking, trying to get a word in edgewise”. That’s one of my favorite quips from my friend, Phillip Boulding of the string duo, Magical Strings. If you have arrived here, you may have seen my video where he recites a sonnet for his granddaughter, Rowan and plays the special lullaby that he wrote just for her.

Every child on the way or newborn should receive the love and beauty that Phillip puts into his work. If you haven’t seen it yet take a look at baby shower poems. It’s well worth the trip.

Phillip has recorded an album called Beneath The Moon that includes the lullaby Rowan’s Welcome and other original music composed for the birth of other granddaughters.

If you would be interested in obtaining copies of the video finale’, graphical copies of the poems or possibly even a custom poem and video for your special mother please take my survey. If enough people ask for these products, maybe I can twist Phillip’s arm to make something really special.

I’m glad you visited my blog.


Baby Shower Poems – Your Creative Expression

Baby shower poems offer people like me…average…to create a unique and special message of love for a dear friend and her baby. Sure, we all spend a lot of money to show our esteem and lord knows that babies need lots of stuff but giving your time and creative energy just shows so much more of your true inner feelings…and your friends will notice. Like you, I searched all over the net for unique and heartfelt poetry that I could just copy or buy but was very disappointed, especially in the so called “free” stuff. So, being the researched I am I found a few good, reasonably priced books to help me learn how to write my own…quickly and easily. Take rhyming poetry for instance. Author Jack Prelutsky wrote a helpful little book called “Read A Rhyme, Write A Rhyme“. Check it out. It helped me write a beautiful poem for a friend.